Quiet Elegance. Subtle Sophistication. Hand-made for you alone.

Arturo Rios creates couture millinery that reflects his unique vision. Each creation is made with a high level of attention to detail, with each stitch and structural element done by hand.

Purchasing an “AR Hat” is an experience that is customized from beginning to end. We welcome your input and ask questions that make sure the hat is made to your exacting expectations.

We encourage you to speak to us about your ideas and are very proud when a client (not customer) is not only satisfied but stands with new grace.

ArturoRios.com | 2022

Details Matter.

We work with a select few provisioners of our materials. Feathers are sourced humanely. Our fabrics are selected by hand and our construction is individualized to each hat.

The noun milliner is a somewhat outdated word for a hat maker — it refers to someone whose business is to design, make, decorate, or sell hats. You might go to a milliner before your trip to South America, to buy a large-brimmed sun hat. The earliest meaning of the word milliner, from the fifteenth century, was “vendor of fancy wares, especially those made in Milan,” though by the eighteenth century it meant “one who sells women’s hats.”

– Source

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